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AFZA Launch – The Official Beginning

The AFZA team launched their fund in Nairobi the first week of March (Tues. - Thurs.). The week was productive, had many highlights, and overall exceeded our expectations. We kindly thank our local support teams for the hard work, hospitality and friendly relationships established. We are eager to build on our momentum. Asante! (Thank you in Swahili.)

A look back at our progress.


We spent the afternoon with the Popote Pay team at their office and campus. Our site visit included seeing their training facilities, operational offices, programming and sales. We were warmly welcomed and impressed with their hard work.

Kevin Mwangi, Head of Customer Experience glowed with positive feedback. Popote is being well received and adopted in the marketplace. Client feedback is positive as the organization looks to scale the business.

The positive news did not surprise! We are excited for the upcoming months for this strong team!

The afternoon concluded with Sam Wanjohl, CEO and Founder.

AFZA got the best out of us by asking the right, tough questions that caused us to focus, do the work and make changes to return with a right answer. Where other investors would not have had the patience, they demonstrated an appreciation for the often-unpredictable business landscape in Africa and the value to be uncovered through resilience and comradery.
– Sam Wanjohl

Our afternoon concluded with time at the Daktari Africa clinic located in nearby Thika. Dr. Charles and team warmly welcomed as we reviewed the Daktari story. Dr. Charles warm and natural nurturing demeanor touched upon the vision. Our discussion was high level and touched upon adoption. The AFZA team anticipates some very exciting progress on pending contracts in the coming days/weeks.


The AFZA team met with a pipeline of prospects and future partners. We were beyond grateful for every company and entrepreneur who took the time to share their story. All of the companies came prepared with their pitch deck and added to our productive week. The initial encounters were all very promising with possible additional due diligence being aligned.

Team dinner! We are relationship people that strive on cultivating long-term partnerships.


The day at the University of Nairobi was exceptional! So many new and key relationships were established. Thank you, Professor Ndemo. You, the students and the faculty of the University wowed us!

  • Impact Africa Network

  • The C4D Lab

Our Launch Event at Metta was very well attended. We are very grateful for the warm welcome from the entrepreneurship community.

Metta is a members’ club for the entrepreneurial community to connect, share knowledge and bring ideas to life. Something we were thrilled to be a part of. Thank you, Metta and thank you entrepreneurs. Keep pushing and keeping solving problems!

In closing, we are working to position follow up meetings with our entrepreneurs. We appreciate your patience as we work to align schedules.

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