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Blind Spot!

The views portrayed in the Blind Spot blog are subject to change at any time based upon market or other conditions and are current as of May 6th, 2020. While all material is deemed to be reliable, accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.

As we successfully move forward with our efforts of finding East African based companies, I am often asked what our perceived role is.

Our role is to be the “blind-spot” monitor and to assist with your company’s growth. Our firm’s operational methodologies are based on calling out challenges and enabling founders to see things that they don’t even know they are supposed to see. In the states, I refer to my venture capital slang and branding these efforts as “Failing Fast”.

Why would anyone want to fail? A positive and successful path forward isn’t always clear. Solving problems is tough and creating solutions is equally challenging.

“AFZA got the best out of us by asking the right, tough questions that caused us to focus, do the work and make changes to return with a right answer. Where other investors would not have had the patience, they demonstrated an appreciation for the often-unpredictable business landscape in Africa and the value to be uncovered through resilience and camaraderie.” - Sam Wanjohi, CEO and Founder of Popote Pay

Working at a Venture Capital firm is multifaceted, from constant research to talking with executives and customers. It is our mission to figure out what the problems are and how to collectively solve them. We are tasked to see through our portfolio companies’ eyes and learn how much more work we have to do. Listening is the most utilized skill.

Solving problems is tough and can be flat out exhausting. It is important to note that short cuts never exist, and we should never stray from our moral compass. We want partnerships that our built to last.

What we look for…

AFZA Capital is an early stage venture capital firm making investments in East Africa. We seek investments during Seed and Series A rounds. Our fund focuses on four key areas;

1. MedTech

2. FinTech

3. Agriculture

4. Education

People: Our team looks for top talent.

Strategy: A clear understanding of what problem you seek to solve.

Capital: Use of proceeds. How do you plan to grow!

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