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Spring Forward

The views portrayed in Spring Forward are subject to change at any time based upon market or other conditions and are current as of April 19, 2021. While all material is deemed to be reliable, accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.

"The winner ain't the one with the fastest car. It's the one who refuses to lose." - Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Time to start that spring cleaning! But just like April showers bring May flowers, consistent effort at work will bring great, beautiful payoffs later! At AFZA Capital, we feel that spring is the perfect time to check in on your goals. We encourage these 3 ways to help move your company forward. Although it recently started, the second quarter will be over before you know it and that means we’re also halfway through the year!

So how can you ensure that you not only stay on track with but get ahead of your 2021 objectives?

1) Set & Follow Through with Goals

If you’ve been following our AFZA blog, you are no stranger to the importance of goal setting. Being goal-oriented is a great thing.

So, easy first step: SET GOALS! If you are unsure how to set specific, measurable goals, we are happy to help. Remember to follow through, you must make sure you are properly communicating your goals and checking up on progress!

2) Track Your Success

To accurately communicate your progress towards goals with employees, you must be tracking how well you are doing!

Thinking and knowing are two different things. You must track your goals to truly know if what you’re doing is propelling you towards your goals or if you are falling behind.

3) Repeat What’s Working, Work on What Isn’t

Once you are tracking your efforts and can clearly see if you are on track with, surpassing, or falling behind your goals, you can now take a step back and adjust. The point is – take a look at the data along the way to see how you’ve been progressing towards your goals, track your efforts, and do more of what’s making succeed.

This blog is not innovative news, but sometimes we all need reminding. Spring forward and achieve great results in 2021! We wish everyone much success.

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